Took a Few Days to Recharge and Catch Up on Life


Took a few days to recharge and catch up on life! And I really needed it. 🙈 But that’s it for resting, as it’s back to work and getting into full swing for @ooak_toronto PREP!

I’ve been working hard at organizing my thoughts, my to do lists, and my space. Taking everything I’ve learned over countless shows and pop ups, and applying it to my biggest holiday event.

Hopefully, this will help me more effective and less scattered and panicked. I’m so excited and happy to have you all along for the journey.

This Teal & Purple With Gold Flakes


This teal & purple with gold flakes, handmade resin coaster set, was one of many that found a new home at this weekends #etsymadeincanada with @yorkregionmakers I particularly loved this set because it was very reminiscent of a starry night! 🌌

I’ve been sold out of these and I thought I made enough to have for the show and to list online. But you guys are absolutely amazing! And I’m back at making more for y’all. And these will certainly be at @ooak_toronto

Happy Friday Y’all!


#flashbackfriday to earlier in the year @artistprojectto

Happy Friday y’all!

Can’t believe that we are close to the end of 2019 in a few months. It was such a busy year and after I finish up my show this weekend, I will finally have some time away from shows, pop ups, markets etc.

It’s holiday prep time! I look forward to getting back to making and creating - in PJs!

Relaxing on This Gorgeous Sunday


Happy Sunday! Relaxing on this gorgeous ☀️ Sunday and trying to take in an exceptional day with my family!

Here are some pics of my finished palm leaf tray that I showed in my stories last week. A Bar/Drink tray is a common use for my handcrafted resin trays, that have found homes already. But they are so multipurpose, so you can pretty much use them in any part of your home!

New Mini 4x4 Inch Fluid Wall Art Paintings


New mini 4x4 inch fluid wall art paintings, featuring @ooak_toronto colours! Merlot, cornflower blue and I added my twist with gold and white. I made these a few weeks ago to feature @ooak_team winter show colours and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!

☑️What do y’all think?

I Have Just 3 More Show Dates Left Next Week


I have just 3 more show dates left next week and then I’m done till mid November for @ooak_toronto

It’s been a whirlwind summer of back to back shows,markets and pop ups. And as amazing as it is to be busy, to create, to sell, to meet new and old customers, followers and the maker community, it can get exhausting! I’m 80% introvert and 20% extrovert.

Keeping my anxiety in check and trying to be on so much during shows can take it’s toll. So I’m happy for this break to recharge. And I’m excited to start the massive prep needed for the biggest show of the year @ooak_toronto

.📸: @luc_cherubino

My Handmade Resin Vase


THANK YOU ♥️ to all for the tremendous support on my new pieces. -SWIPE- I posted pics of my handmade resin vase, on my stories over the last weeks and the response was incredible. 🥰Your DMs of support and suggestions keep me going, and for that I’m so grateful be in this community. .

My aim was to create sculptural but functional elegant art pieces. That looked like glass but were not as fragile.

I’ve made a few more pieces, taller vases, shorter bowls and a few in between. I’ll be posting them soon and will try not to over post them 🙈😂

The beautiful handcrafted flowers are from @jessieatcraftedtobloom

The Golden Jellyfish-Fail


The Golden Jellyfish-Fail. A learning lesson from a failed project. This jellyfish was intended to look different than this. But as things went wrong, within the process, so much was learned!

As makers we often never show our trials and errors, so our customers and followers have no idea how many hours, days, weeks, it takes for us to develop a concept into a successful product. .

Since this lesson, I’ve had many trials, fails and finally success. I’ll be sharing soon. ☺️

Ocean Inspired Resins


OAKVILLE, In case you missed my stories, all my resin goodies can now be found in a gorgeous shop in downtown Oakville, @doveandarrow

Ocean inspired resin trays, ring holders, catchalls, jewelry trays, orgonite gem stone pyramids, skull planters, containers, trinket boxes and more!!!! All stocked up so get yourself over and #shoplocal

Pic Credit : @doveandarrow

A Resin Flow Art Tip

Re-Posted • @art_resin Resin artist dropped by ArtResin to show us how to create a flow art painting using ResinTint, sharing lots and lots of really great resin tips and tricks, including this one:⁣

⁣When you’re creating your flow art pieces with tinted ArtResin, let your resin sit and thicken up a little bit before you start to work it:⁣

  1. ⁣- first, pour your selection of tinted resin onto your board, in the layout you desire. ⁣

  2. - then, allow the resin to stand for about 10-15 minutes or so. It will thicken to the consistency of honey. ⁣

  3. - next, manipulate it with any tool you desire. ⁣

⁣Allowing it to thicken will give you more control for creating patterns, lines, swirls. It will also help to keep the definition and prevent your colours from blending into each other until it fully cures, so that whatever you create today will be the piece you’ll see tomorrow.⁣

⁣We'd love to hear your resin flow art tips ... let us know in the comments below! ⁣

Stay tuned for Yolanda's Resin Flow Art how to video launching soon!⁣

⁣ArtResin: Made For Artists, By Artists.