How to Paint an Aurora Borealis and Milky Way - 2 paintings


Mixed Media Painting-art Journal Style

Mixed Media Painting. Using various mediums, listed below. A time-lapse video of my mixed media painting on a 6x6 wood panel.

Supplies used:

  • 6x6 Birch Painting Panel

  • Liquitex Clear Gesso

  • Liquitex Matte Medium

  • TIm Holtz Idea-ology tissue wrap

  • Stamps

  • Color Box Pigment/Frost White

  • Prismacolor Premier Pencils

  • Recollections - Pearl Embossing Powder

Painting a Hot Air Balloon and Milky Way

Acrylic painting of a milky way and a hot air balloon. A time lapse painting of me painting a hot air balloon and a milky way.

I painted this on an 18x36 inch gallery stretched canvas using acrylic paints. Reference photo from Matt Anderson photography.

Mixed Media Painting on Wood Panel 

Mixed Media Painting of "Wynter" A time-lapse video of my mixed media painting on a 6x6 wood panel. The wood panel is unfinished birch that I have sanded and applied clear gesso.

I repeated the process twice to get a smooth finish. I used acrylic paints, color pencils, ink, versamark ink and embossing powder.

Mixed Media Girl Painting

A time lapse Mixed Media Painting. Using various mediums, listed below. I had so much fun painting this commission piece. It's part of a series. There are three different mixed media ladies. (Check out my IG or FB page to see those-links below)

The video and pictures don't truly show the incredible shine and sparkle in her hair and eyes. In different lights you see the various shades of golds, teals and incredible dimensions.

After I completed the piece I added a coat of resin to the top for a glass like shine that magnifies the features.

How to Paint a Watercolour Milky Way Painting

In this time-lapse I paint a milky way in watercolour and a few different mediums.

Watercolours used:

  • Mijello Mission Gold Class Watercolours

  • Watercolour paper: Canson

  • White acrylic paint for the stars.

  • Black acrylic paint for the silhouette.

  • Black sharpie and Faber castell fine liner for details.

  • White gel pen for additional details.

Painting a Landscape

Time Lapse of my acrylic painting. This was a commission painting from a photo provided by the client. I'm using acrylic paint on canvas.

I also use black fine liner pens for a few details.

Paint a Galaxy with Mijello Mission Gold Class

In this time-lapse I paint a galaxy in watercolour and a few different mediums.

I love painting galaxies in all different colours. I'm painting a series of galaxies to add to my Etsy store soon!

How to-Watercolor background

This video is a time-lapse of a watercolor and Ink illustration. I used some simple techniques to achieve an interesting varied background.

Supplies used:

  • Strathmore Watercolour paper.

  • Mijello Mission Gold Class watercolours

  • Micron Pens

Painting a Flower

A time lapse of me painting a Cosmos flower in acrylics with others mediums on canvas. I used acrylic paints, texture paste, stencils, stamps and brayers. Clear varnish to finish.

On gallery stretched canvas-2 feet by 3 feet It was a fun, creative, mixed media painting! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

Watercolour Cat Illustration

A fun watercolour time-lapse of a painting I did for my Etsy shop. My love for tea and cats combined. I used wet on wet technique mainly and ink.

Milky Way Painting in Watercolor Landscape

Sharing a quick time lapse of a recent watercolor painting. Also available for prints.

Hot Air Balloon- Watercolor Painting

A quick video of me painting another hot air balloon. I clearly favour them. LOL I used masking fluid, in the beginning of the video, to cover the balloon area.

This step is not necessary but makes it easier to keep the area clear of paint.

I used the " Pebeo drawing gum" For the stars I used white acrylic paint. And for the details of the balloon I used Prisma color pencils.

Harry Potter Fan Art 

I have loved the Harry Potter series and the world of Hogwarts since it's original release. And I have recently introduced the books to my young ones and they have fallen in love with the magic!

I had so much fun drawing my interpretation of the three Gryffindors.

Disney Princesses Painting in Watercolor,

I often get asked if my art is digital. Digital paintings are so popular right now and there are amazing digital artists out here.

But I love traditional art. I love the tactile nature of a brush against paper and the unpredictable nature of watercolour. So to show the process of my character illustrations I started doing time-lapses of all the them.

Winter Landscape - Watercolor Painting

A quick watercolour painting using Mijello Mission Gold watercolors. I would love to know if you would like seeing longer-live painting- videos from me or if you prefer the speed painting videos. Leave your comments below!


Painting a Dahlia - Acrylic Painting

A time-lapse painting video! I recorded this video over several days. I painted with acrylic paints on canvas.

The canvas is 30 inches X 40 inches, gallery wrap. A large piece that was difficult to keep in the shot.

After I completed the painting and let it dry for a few days, I varnished it to protect.