Reviewing Art Supplies, Time-Lapses, Tips- Techniques & Vlogging About my Artpreneur Journey!


Why should you do an Art show?

Earlier this year I started out my maternity leave, and decided to make the leap into being a full-time artist. It was a difficult decision but the best time to make the change.

Prior to this I was a part time artist with a full-time day job. It was hectic being a mom, working and trying to paint too.

I'm Vlogging-Monthly or At Least Trying Too!

So I'm doing it! I'm vlogging-or at least trying too... I've put it out into the world, so now you can all hold me

I find vlogging challenging yet therapeutic. It's a valuable video journal, a way to impart knowledge from experiences other may learn from ,a way to practice gratitude and so much more!

My First TV Appearance and Winter Blues!

Yes I'm kind of late with the video. I filmed it and had to get time to edit out some of my rambling...LOL

The second segment video will be up soon. Stay connected on social media to get updates. And come back to check it out or visit my website and I'll have it linked as soon as I get it.

March VLOG 2017 -Birthdays, Enamel Pins & Teal!

Hey everyone, So here are some of the things I talked about.

The tablet I mentioned is the Huion GT-220

New Tattoo, Commissions & Upcoming Events!

April VLOG - YFL.ART- New tattoo, commissions and upcoming events! Stick through rambling.

I was beyond tired on that day! But I had a productive month-work, work, work!

Wonder Woman, Art shows & Collaborations

A combo vlog of May and June. I will definitely try not to miss a month again- LOL- I rushed through to try to keep it short. I meant to add pictures from the various shows I’ve been in, but it slipped my mind when finishing up the video.

Check out my Instagram or Facebook page. There are plenty of pictures from all the events and day to day.

The Grass is NOT Greener On The Other Side

July went by fast and I'm happy it did. Tough month- lots of ups and downs. But it only makes me stronger, so I'm happy for every experience on this road to being a full time artist.

Hope these videos can help and inspire others to work through the tough times. Everything passes in time and helps us grow as individuals.

Artwalk in the Square- 2017

In this vlog, I go through all the days of my recent fine art show. I have done a few fine arts shows over the past two years. And have learned a lot and still have much more to learn. I thought by sharing my experience, I can encourage more artists to take the leap into doing fine art shows.

It is absolutely a lot of work but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. The relationships I build with other artists and my buyers is invaluable. The feedback and knowledge gained is priceless.

Artist Alley - My Experience!

I know this video is late but, better late than never. Fan expo was an incredible experience and I know many of you had questions regarding my experience.