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It was absolute surprise. I had no idea I was featured until I noticed a rise in traffic from their site. So freaking awesome!

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Why start a YouTube channel?

YouTube is saturated with art channels so I knew my move to start my own art channel was going to be a bit of a challenge. In this sea of over sharing it's hard to be able to stand out. But I started my YouTube channel for personal reasons.  I am subscribed to many channels, from makeup artists to crafters and more. I love watching different genres of YouTube content and it's become a normality in many of our lives. I'm always fascinated with time lapse of artists painting. And it's my go to place if I have questions regarding different art supplies and ways to use them. But there came a point where there were things I could not find on YouTube. As a mixed media artist there are supplies that I have questions about how to use and could not find the answers on YouTube. So I decided to figure it out myself and then share it with everyone so there would be more resources for my fellow artist and artisans. Yes I will also have similar content, such as time lapses, like many others YouTubers. But I like sharing my work, my process, my mistakes, failures and success. 

I will also be vlogging about my experiences and what I've learned from them. From art shows, galleries, Etsy, custom work, insecurities, social media etc. and how I manage anything while being a full time mom of three. It's a constant challenge and I have many days where i want to quit. But I'm still here. It's a constant emotional roller coaster and a physical nightmare. But my love for art seems to always prevail!