Emerging Toronto Artists Awards Oct 21,2016 @District 28

An amazing show! Well organized and great for networking with fellow emerging artists. Met new collectors, made great connections and learned a lot. Can't wait for next year!

Art in the Park Sept 18,2016 @ Riverwood Visual Arts Mississauga

An amazing venue!

Riverwood Park is gorgeous. I highly recommend all GTA folks to visit the park and grounds. Nestled in there is a spectacular Art studio and gallery. This is where the show was held, and it was awesome. I got to meet so many great people, and artists. Many of my pieces were bought as gifts and I am so grateful so all the positive feedback from the patrons. 

Visual Arts Mississauga- Art in the park


Sept 18,2016

Toronto Art Crawl June 11, 2016 @ Liberty Village

It was a great day, beautiful weather, loads of people, great talent, wonderful experience! 

Presented by Cirque Du Soleil Luzia and voted Top 6 art fairs to attend in Toronto in 2016.

65 amazing artists and designers featured works of art, photography, fashion, pet fashion, sculptures, woodworkers, metal workers, home decor, handbags.... you name it!